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15 Room Motel With Convenience – London Area

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>> 15 Room Motel With Convenience

BUSINESS Type Motel With Convenience Store In London Area Ontario
GROSS REVENUE Rooms Revenue, $150K, Store Revenue, $25K, U-HAUL, $25K
CASH FLOW Undisclosed
CASH FLOW TYPE EBIT – Earning Before Interest and Taxes
SIZE 1 Acre Commercial Lot In City
RENT/LEASE TERMS Sale Includes Real Estate Property
FIXTURES/ EQUIPMENT All fixtures/equipment & Chattels included in the sale
BUYER TRAINING Buyer gets trained by the Vendor
DETAIL/REMARKS 15 Rooms Motel With 2 Bedroom Manager’s Quarters, Business With Property For Sale, Convenience Store In The Premises, 1 Acre Commercial Lot In The City Close To Downtown & Desirable Businesses, Good Exposure. Very Good For Owner Operator, Qualified Buyer Gets Further Details And Financials, Motivated Seller.  Call Alam With Confidence, 647.999.2171.


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BUSINESS FINANCING Possibility of financing for qualified buyer

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Milton, Fast Food Restaurant – EXTREME PITA Franchise – $175,000

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>> Milton, Fast Food Restaurant

Milton, Fast Food Restaurant – Extreme Pita Franchise In Milton Ontario, Great Family Business, Simple To Run, No Employees If Husband And Wife Want To Use This As Profitable Enterprise. Expected Hours Of Any Franchise Restaurant. Owners Have Other Business Obligations And Regret This Loss. Other Tenants’ Ads In Local Area Generate Much Walk-In Traffic. All Fixtures And Chattels Included, Call La For Details, Very Motivated Vendor, Never Go Direct. Do Not Talk To Employees. $175,000

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Whether its buying or selling, residential or commercial or small business, for all your property needs e-contact us.

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ABCs of Flipping Houses

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All new things can be a little frightening or intimidating at first glance. The same is definitely true when it comes to flipping houses. Many people feel several times during their first flip that they have gotten in over their heads. The truth is that it will take more than a few flips to feel comfortable with the process. Most people make very little, if any real profit on their first flip and write it off as a learning experience only to enter into the next flip with newly learned lessons and a positive attitude.

Learning the ABCs of flipping houses is a great place to begin and can help you avoid costly mistakes made by many first time flippers.

  1. Appraise. You need to have a proper appraisal performed on the house you intend to flip and compare it to other houses in better condition and of similar size and style within the neighbourhood. You do not want to buy the best house in the neighbourhood, in fact it is best if you can find the neighbourhood eyesore and turn it into a competitive house for the neighbourhood in order to get the most for your money. More importantly you want the appraisal to reveal the actual value of the home now as compared to the price you are paying and talk to the appraiser about what the home would be worth the with improvements you are planning to make.
  2. Bold Moves. Sometimes it takes bold moves to make the impression you want to make. The decision to flip houses is a bold move in and of itself and while you do not want to necessarily enter into risky waters you do not want to play it too safe either. Be cautious with your financing and guard your expenses and your budget well but make the changes that will catch the eye of the next owner for the property.
  3. Can do Attitude. You absolutely must believe you can do this in order to get it done. A house flip is not an undertaking for the timid or those that lack self-confidences. You will need to stand up to your contractors, inspectors, and even some vendors in order to get the best price and the most bang for your buck. In other words you need to believe in yourself and what you are doing in order to get it done. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to the advice of those with more experience and expertise, especially when it comes to structural issues within the home and bringing the property to code but you also need to stand up for yourself to insure that you aren’t paying for things you aren’t getting.
  4. Determination. You must also be determined to see your project through to completion. It takes a certain sort of pigheadedness to get through the first few flips. It should be stated here that flipping houses is certainly not an easy way to make a living. It does have the potential however, to be a highly profitable way to make a living and that is what most potential flippers are looking for. If you want those profits you are going to need to push yourself out of bed even on those mornings when you feel as though looking at the property in question is going to make you wail and moan and pull out your hair.
  5. Excitement. This may be the most necessary of all ingredients. You will find that excitement is in short supply many days but it if you can recapture that initial excitement over your decision to flip houses then it will sustain you on those days when the plumber brings bad news or you just learned that a solid weak of rain is forecasted for the weak the roof was to go on.

This is a small start on the ABCs of house flipping and real estate investing but I think you get the picture. Good luck!


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