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Commercial Selling

Commercial Selling>> For Commercial Real Estate Buyers & Sellers

At ProClient Brokers Inc., we are experienced in all types of commercial real estate including small businesses, retail space, office buildings, and industrial properties. We have the knowledge necessary to market a property to the right purchasers, or find a suitable building for a businessman looking to locate in the area.

In small businesses, we specialize in Toronto West and cover the whole area from the south side to the north end. For other commercial properties including motels, we work in whole of Ontario.

If you have an interest in buying or selling small business or industrial real estate, stores, motel or investment buildings in Toronto West or Ontario, call ProClient Brokers – 416-364-5550!

We also have extensive experience in lease administration for commercial and industrial properties and can advise in all facets of leasing whether you are a landlord or are seeking a location for your business. So if you would like to lease out your commercial property in Toronto West or if you are seeking Toronto West industrial properties for lease, call us – 416-364-5550.

If you would like information on commercial selling in any part of Toronto Area and Ontario, use the form below for our quick response:

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Who We Are?

At ProClient Brokers, we pride ourselves on being able to provide brokerage, franchise sales, business sales, and real estate services to our valued clients assisting in sale and acquisition of properties in Toronto Area, Ontario and beyond. As brokers, we understand what makes a good deal in a transaction.
Our due diligence, extensive and thorough research about properties are what set us apart from other companies in the industry. CONTACT US for any professional assistance. ..