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Selling a Business

Selling a Business is perhaps the most important decision in most people’s life. Business owners by and far are considered very capable people when compared with other folks. A business owner cannot afford to sell their business like an ordinary home. Running and managing a business need owners full attention. Similarly selling a business is a full time job which need professional approach to handle this process. When you intend to sell your company you need to take into consideration certain situations seriously that are always important in ‘Business Sale Process’ which a Business Broker can complete professionally and efficiently.

  • Continuity of the Business

Business owner is already busy in the operation of the company and can hardly afford taking time off to involve in selling process. This situation may cause irreparable harm to the business than doing any good if owner’s attention is diverted from the operation. Business Broker has the ability to allow the owner keep full focus on the operation while it is being marketed for sale.

  • Pricing a Business

Pricing a business is very important in selling a business which need valuation knowledge. Every business is unique and has many variables affecting the value. Valuation Knowledge. Listing a business at right price will make it more sell-able. There is a need to find out Most Probable Selling Price (MPSP) of the business by obtaining Brokers Opinion of Value (BOV).

  • Marketing

Right marketing is very important to generate leads for buyers. The more the leads the better are the chances to sell business in maximum price quickly. We as Business Brokers  know the key value drivers for buyers and can assist the owner identify improvements that translate into maximum selling price.

  • Adding Value to the Business

We assist sell prepare the business for sale by arranging financials to normalize them by adjusting figures so that it should be in better shape to present to the prospective buyer/s.

  • Confidentiality

We can conduct selling process in confidential manner with employees, customers, competitors, and suppliers knowing that business is for sale while owner attention is focused on running the business.

  • Negotiations

We assist seller negotiate with the buyer the terms of transaction in the process of sale e.g. sale price, down payment, financing, closing date.

  • Screening the Buyers

Business Brokers maintain buyers database and get new leads for buyers during marketing to screen and qualify the buyers for the business.

By taking above mentioned business sale process step by step the sale is likely to close in time with enhanced price in short time.

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