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Career Plans OfferAttention Ontario Registrants – Real Estate Agents & Brokers!

Are you thinking to lower your brokerage cost maintaining Board membership?

ProClient Brokers  is your affordable option!

Check this out ‘What We Offer”

ProClient Brokers is now hiring both new and experienced real estate Agents and Real Estate Brokers for independent contractor’s position in Milton, Ontario. We will help and lead you to fulfill your dream of success in your career. Help is provided for leads. The following packages are strictly for Registrants selling residential real estate.

Plans We Offer:
  1. 95/5 COMMISSION Split, $99 per month – “Plan ‘A’ Or StarterPlan
  2. 90/10 COMMISSION Split, $349 per year – “Plan ‘B’ Or Value Plan”
  3. Customize your own package – “Plan ‘C’ Or Custom Plan”
  4. $479 per month,  No other monthly or transaction fee “Plan ‘D’ Or Freedom Plan


  • Agents negotiate their commissions with sellers
  • Agents have control over input and changes on MLS for their own listings
  • Commissions Paid shortly after Closing
  • Work From Anywhere – Office or Home
  • Professionally Branded Email
  • Full Broker/Manager Support
  • Full or part-time agents
  • No Monthly Sales Minimums
  • No Pressure, Friendly environment
  • No Franchise Fees, No Desk Fees, No Hidden Fees
  • No Office Fee, No Marketing Fees, No Advertising Fee
  • Support and guide from property Listing to Closing
  • Great for both Full Time & Part Time

Please Note:

  1. We have separate arrangement/s and package for Business Brokerage Services.
  2. All commissionS earned through the efforts of the Independent Contractor on consulting fee, referral fee, or rental/ lease commission will be paid to the Independent Contractor by the Brokerage, 100% less 10%, net of HST e.g. for $1000 lease commission to Independent Contractor, the split will be as follows: Independent Contractor $900 plus HST, and ProClient Brokers $100 plus HST.

Contact us NOW to discuss the possibilities.

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At ProClient Brokers Inc., there is nothing more important than your participation and feeling of being in-charge of your business. If you are Ontario Registrant and looking to change your brokerage, we are ready to make the transition risk free. We are certain you will feel comfortable, no matter what package you choose. We will honor your remaining balance of your prepaid brokerage Fees, if any, up to 3 months to make your Transfer process at no cost.

For example, you are with some other brokerage and it’s the month of July. You come to ProClient Brokers Inc. but you have already paid the 3rd quarter brokerage fees (July to September).  No worries.  You join us and do not start to pay until the 4th Quarter to ProClient.  It’s that simple.

NOTE: This ‘NO RISK BROKERAGE TRANSFER’ Offer is applicable to our plan ‘A’ only

Please see the above options for our affordable packages for new and seasoned Real Estate Agents.

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Click the following link to join ProClient Brokers Inc., Brokerage, or discuss the career in Real Estate.

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