Commission Thru Real Estate Referrals

It would be hard to debate the fact that the basic motto of all real estate agents is basically the same i.e. earning commission. Realtors have different roles either representing buyer or seller. When it comes to referrals, a registrant, who is not fully actively involved in buying and selling real estate, can refer a buyer client or a seller client to an active real estate agent.

In Ontario your license has to be current in order to earn a fee. A real estate brokerage is a great option to those who have an Ontario Real Estate license but are not active. Realtors, who are not able to sell full-time, can still earn a real estate referral fee.

If you have established client base, and you park you real estate license for any reason, it’s a good idea to run a referral based business in real estate to collect passive income.

When you become a member of ‘Realtor License Parking’ services by joining ProClient Brokers Inc., Brokerage, you can not only park your Ontario real estate license but you can refer business to active agents and receive referral commission on successful closing of the deal. It means now you can park your Ontario real estate license to earn commission thru referrals.

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