Negotiation and renegotiation on behalf of the CLIENT in a transaction


Developing and implementing marketing plan specific to the property


Acquisition or exit strategy and advice for the property in your situation


FREE advice and consultation before any buy or sell-side assignment


About Us

ProClient Brokers Inc. is a Brokerage firm specialized in providing buying or selling solutions for any size and type of business or real estate property as part of our Broker Services. We manage transaction from start to closing of the deal as part of our Broker Services. In representation we manage to achieve client’s specific objectives and goal in a deal.

We provide advice for each type of client according to the specific needs of each project, providing business sales and real estate solutions based on a deep knowledge of the current market situation. We carry out analysis and projections to make the right decisions for the long term, while ensuring success today and in the future of our clients. …read more

Our Focus

The aim of ProClient Brokers is to develop and optimize strategies, specialized in selling business and real estate properties, satisfying clients, and investors in achieving their goals, so that you can obtain the maximum benefit and the best results as part of our Broker Services.

Our Brokers/ Sales Representatives work with rigor and confidentiality required for a maximum efficiency in buying and selling your property. We are pro-Client, we support to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. Our Broker Services include selling main street, lower middle market businesses, new/ resale franchises, residential and commercial real estate is our focus

We strive to develop long term relationships with mutual respect, transparency and understanding with business and property owners of all sizes and locations.



ProClient Brokers offers marketing services to owners from main-street to middle market businesses, Start-Up / New Franchises, residential and commercial real estate to find qualified right buyers for their properties. Our experience allows us to analyze and normalize the financials for valuation and BOV (Brokers Opinion of Value) for selling the properties. Our services are unmatched and valuable for sellers, buyers and investors.

Residential Real Estate

Residential is more than just selling real estate. It’s all about working with people, customers, and more

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate refers to the property that has potential to generate extra income for the owner. Commercial real estate generally includes office buildings, retail properties, apartment units, condos and raw more

Real Estate Investing

There are all types of avenues out there to those who are considering property as a possible methodology of investment in the future. And why on earth shouldn’t you? This can be a method that millionaires round the world can conform to build a huge fortune quickly…read more

For Business Buyers

We have been providing opportunity to people just like you to live the dream of owning a business of your interest. We help to relieve the stress that can come with purchasing of a business…read more

For Business Sellers

If you intend to sell a business; its sale price is of paramount importance in the market place. In this competitive world your business should be priced well to see it sold fast…read more



Mergers and Acquisitions

We offer global advice and mergers and acquisition services. Both for owners who wish to sell their business or part of the business and for clients seeking partial or full acquisition of the company….read more

Franchise Sales

Thinking of starting your own business for yourself but not by yourself? Then a successful New/ Start-Up franchise opportunity could be one of the options…read more

Franchisee Services

Taking the first step towards owning a franchise business can be difficult. After all you have to think about what type of business you would like. Information needs to be collected and analyzed for the location of the future business and if the market there is ready for the business…read more

Franchisor Services

So far franchising has been the most successful method for business expansion giving franchisor more exposure, brand awareness, and higher profitability. Franchising has grown quickly and became a worldwide business strategy for growth…read more






A property consisting of land and the improvement on it is called Real Estate whether it is commercial or residential improvement. Buying a Home Home ownership is a cornerstone for Canadians. Home buying is a complex process that, without the right guidance, can be a...

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About Franchising? When a company entitles an individual to sell that company’s products and services for a particular amount, it is called franchising. There are various factors that decide the success and failure of a franchise and its franchisee (an individual...

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Business brokerage services are very important whether you are buying or selling a business. Business brokers play a vital role in bringing together buyers and sellers. Benefits of Business Brokerage Services To A Business Seller If you are a seller you should highly...

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