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When speaking with a bunch of real estate investors recently in Greater Toronto Area, the question arose as to what percentage of them have completed a commercial property deals in last one year, and interestingly, the answer is none. It seems that many of investors were either happy with the present market conditions or they did not actually have the ability to go for acquisition of a commercial property.

Market specialization? No. It appears that most of property transactions go something like this:

  • Residential real estate is that the sweet spot of the small real estate investor.
  • Commercial real estate is usually left for the small business owner, who has opted to stop renting.
  • Both of the above two factors of the real estate industry do have some crossover, but the last two statements are the common norm.

So how specifically are commercial properties being bought, sold, and rented? What’s the best method to acquire a commercial property and who you need to assist you in buying commercial real estate?

Here are five key points to consider:

  1. By far the most common business entity for owning commercial real estate is currently the incorporated company.
  2. Commercial real estate, in general, less common subject, in part, as a result it isn’t as personal and does not tug at our own financial purse strings.
  3. Commercial real estate could be a term to explain a property with five or more units. Commercial real estate is a vital element of any well-run business.
  4. Investment in commercial real estate is riskier and more expensive than investment in residential property – however ultimately it can be way more profitable.
  5. Commercial real estate could be a business investment driven by market economic factors, not so much the real estate itself.

Investing in commercial real estate can be a decent way to invest, however, you must make certain that you’re well represented by an experienced real estate broker, an attorney and accountant before moving forward since buying commercial real estate will have vital tax consequences and if you are buying or developing commercial real estate, it is very important to protect your financial interests with legal assistance. It’s going to sound surplus, however, the axiom location, location, location, is a very important factor in buying real estate property too. Here is the key to purchasing commercial real estate: the one with the most info wins.

The winners are the folks that acknowledge that the world of commercial real estate is continuously changing and understanding the nature of commercial real estate could be a precondition to the timing question.  They also understand property data and realize that information is the most critical aspect of any transaction. In other words, the key to successful buying commercial real estate is maximum market and property information.

About Commercial Real Estate

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